Thursday, March 25, 2010

500 and 501 have arrived :-)

Today I rescued dog number 500. She is named Daytona for Datyona 500. She is a Beagle/Lab mix female about 6 months old. Very sweet, did great with my friends 2 year old, the puppies and all the other dogs.

And dog number 501. He is named Champ b/c he reminded my friend Marie of her grandparents old dog.

They both seem to be really nice dogs. Hopefully they will find their forever homes quickly! There are more dogs in need that I need to figure out how to get to safety... man I can't wait till warmer weather so I can rescue more! There is an American Eskimo at Brown County where these two came from I LOVE ESKIES! So many dogs so little time and ZERO SPACE AND MONEY.. LOL!

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TexanWmn said...

Love your blog. These stories are so relatable. I do love it when you've got the guy paying $1,000 plus for a petland dog then complaining about a rescue fee. It's mind boggling.