Sunday, March 14, 2010

Litter 1 all adopted

Well tomorrow is the BIG day. Litter number 1 goes to get fixed and 2 leave for their forever home and then the other 2 leave Thursday night. I am going to miss them but at the same time can't wait to get them all adopted. I need to get stuff down like paint my dinning room, finish putting up my fence, plant grass seed.. .LOL Every minute I have free is me cleaning up puppy poop, playing with puppies, feeding puppies. LOL! I think I have my puppy fix for a good 2 years... remind me of that the next time I say I am getting some puppies in.. LOL

Harper, Miley, Cookie and Percy left for their foster homes today. I miss them already but it sure is nice to have 4 dogs out of my house where they can get more one on one attention.

Oh and then my friend from work came and picked up Melvin Saturday. Hopefully everything is going well. I am guessing they are b/c Kelly isn't the type of person not to let you know if things are good.. LOL! You always know how Kelly feels.. she is more direct then me..scary thought huh?

A really nice couple came over and met Jerry my GSP. Man is that dog beautiful. They fell in love with him... like how could you not??? They are picking him up on Thursday. So, excited for Jerry. He is such a nice dog. And for a big dog really didn't take to long to get him adopted out. Big dogs always take a little bit longer. I can't wait till summer b/c I would really like to get another big dog.. maybe a black one. Those always die at the shelter.

All paws crossed that litter number 2 finds homes. I really haven't gotten a lot of hits on them :-( And they need to find a place to call home before Sunday. I really don't want them to have surgery and come back here.. I really want them to heal at their forever home. Paws crossed tight!!

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marie said...

well you know i can always fster the big dog!! i don't mind