Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dog aggression strikes again...

Why is that people think a new environment will mean that their aggressive dog is no longer aggressive???

I am sorry I am so frustrated right now. I had 4 people contact me about aggressive dogs. I told them all the same thing. That I couldn't help and the reason why. I also offered them advice on how to deal / work with the dog aggressive dog. I also told them why re homing the dog was not a good idea.

1 person emailed me and said they thought that would be my answer and thanked me for my time. The other 2 people I didn't hear from and the 4th person YIKES! Told me I shouldn't be in rescue because anyone can do what I do. REALLY??? She told me that I am un caring and that I am not a rescue she would ever want to deal with.

Now, I have to add that the person emailed me without putting any information about who she was or where the dog was located. She also addressed the email to Susan.

Here is the email she sent me.

Hi Susan,
First I'd like to say THANK YOU for all you do for the breed! I am a big animal advocate and work closely with my local humane society and have for about 9 yrs. We have a Jack named Beckman, who has some issues with biting people, he seems to do well with other dogs but when asked to do something he doesn't want to do, he bites, well he was recently adopted to a couple who were made WELL aware of his biting issues and claimed they were very familiar with the breed and would work with him and his biting would not b a problem. Well in less than 24 hours he bit the wife and now sits at animal control under a 10 day quarantine, The officers there would like to euthanize him but have given us the option to take him back if we want. The problem is hes been getting away with this behavior or so long( which you know only enpowers him) that its going to take someone very special and dedicated to working with him to help break this habit. He can b a very sweet dog, provided that you let him b the boss. Do you think your rescue might b able to help us out with him? we dont want to c him be euthanized but our small shelter cannot give him what he truly needs to overcome this problem. If you cannot help us do you know of any recues who might? Any help you can offer would b GREATLY appreciated. Please help us save Beckman!!!
P.S. We only have about 7 days left before he will be euthanized

The poor dog sounds to me like he is suffering mentally and I feel really bad for him.

OH she also told me that she would tell anyone that would listen about me and that how would my sister rescues feel about me because I told her I wouldn't be able to take the dog into our rescue. I offered to give her the name, phone number and email of our president. She doesn't want to talk to Kim. LOL! I also asked her to please become a dog rescue volunteer since anyone can do what I do. We need the help!

I understand that people want to believe that EVERY dog is savable but that simply isn't the case. My friend went to a dog sanctuary that takes in aggressive dogs. And she said it was the saddest thing she has ever seen. The dogs are in a fenced in area, with another fence around that with a few feet in between fences with pad locks and big notices that say AGGRESSIVE DANGER. The dogs are fed with a system so no one really needs to be near the dog. The dog house / inside part the dog has can be closed so that someone can get in the cage to clean it and at least 1 time a year the dog is tranquilized so the vet can give the dog shots and other care.

Really??? That is a life??? Makes me cringe.

Trust me the last thing I want to do is put a dog to sleep but I would rather have a dog die peacefully at least feeling love and maybe the ONLY nice act that was ever given to the dog then live a life in isolation or abuse.

UGH! It just makes me so mad when people go off on me... fine believe what you want. I have dog rescue friends who will take in dog aggressive dogs and just bored them sometimes for YEARS while they look for a home that will take in a dog aggressive dog and you know what more power to them but I won't do that. Doesn't mean that I send them an email screaming at them b/c I don't agree.

Whatever! If she wants my life she can have it AND ALL THE BILLS AND DOG POOP that goes with it. LOL!


Anonymous said...

Don't you see people are just trying to get a rise out of you??? And you are letting them. They are sitting back laughing at you. We all know it is hard work, but you chose to do the job and you will always have those nasty rude people out there. There is a reason there not doing it. Ignore them or give it up. Its your option but letting them get the best of you is bad for your health!

Dog Rescuer said...

This is my blog it is my release so if you don't want to "hear" me vent then don't read it and don't hide behind "anonymous" it is rude.

And no I don't think that the person is laughing or trying to get a rise out of me. After I emailed her back I received this response

"I want to apologize for my email sometimes my passion for the dogs overruns my emotions. I wanted to let u know that some of the things u said really hit home with me and your right sadly the problem isn't breaking him of this habit its finding responsible pet owners like us Too bad the laws on being responsible pet owners aren't tougher and I also can't stand the idea of a dog being caged, chained up outside, beaten or left in an outdoor kennel with little to no human contact or being used as dog bait. So KUDOS to you bc u have changed my mind about dogs like these. I can't save them all and should focus more on the dogs I can. SHAME ON ME for not realizing this sooner
P.S. Puppy Mills r a whole other story and I would love to help out in that area any way I can"

I gave her props for realizing I wasn't being mean/harsh/uncaring but just speaking from experience.

And trust me if I posted EVERY rude, nasty email I received from people you would be sick to your stomach.

Anonymous said...

Well good for her for posting that. But still, I wouldnt let yourself get upset like that really. Save the dogs you can, get upset over the dogs because you can, and forget the other people screaming at you. Its just not worth it. And also I never said I didnt want to read your blog, but if that is the way you feel then fine I wont. I was personally giving you my opinion, and you are going to be rude then yeah I guess I dont need to read this blog if thats the type of individual you are. Good luck to you and your rescue. :)

Dog Rescuer said...

what you said was mean.

Anonymous said...

Then you took it wrong. I said getting upset was bad for your health, and thats what people were wanting you to do. How is that mean? Really? Being concerned about you?

Dog Rescuer said...

Then I did take it wrong. Sorry

What I get upset about is people saying I don't do a good job or that I am uncaring. So, that is why I wrote the blog.. plus I had to put a dog down yesterday and even though I had the dog for only a week, I held her in my arms rocking her as she drifted to sleep. All because someone was an asshole to her ;-( UGH.

Anonymous said...

Awww, that is sad to hear and I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

9258 Photo said...

My husband and I took in a JRT that was aggressive thinking we could "save" him when I first started in rescue. We worked with that dog hours daily, took him to trainers, and still had to keep him isolated from the other dogs. We ended up having to euthanize him after months of trying after he unprovoked bit me because I looked at him to see what he was chewing on (didn't try to touch him, didn't try to take what he was chewing away, just looked at him and no this wasn't the first time he had bit me, but this was the 2nd time I had to go to the hospital for stitches). I cringe when I think of the damage he could have done to me if he would have gone for my face instead of my hand. And I cringe at the thought of how many dogs, good dogs with no issues, were euthanized because we weren't fostering dogs while we tried to work out his issues. There are plenty of great dogs out there without issues that are being euthanized because of aggressive dogs taking up foster space.

Dog Rescuer said...

9258 Photo - EXACTLY MY POINT! THANK YOU! I was starting to feel like I was the only logically person when it comes to this.. LOL!