Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Puppies are getting so big

WOW! The last week has been crazy. The puppies are getting so big.

Portia and Mercedes are very good mom's and since their puppies are so close in age they are playing really well with each other. The puppies are moving around so much now that I can't keep them in the crate because they make such a mess. So, the cage doors are always open and I have gates up so they can't get into anything they should be.

Lexus and Caddie have to be locked up in their crates because well Caddie doesn't like anyone near her puppies even one of the other puppies and because the big puppies go in and sleep with the little puppies which is fine but when the big puppies wake up they beat up the little puppies.. lol They are just trying to play but it scares me because the little puppies are so small.

Anyway here are some pictures:

Bentley (6 weeks old), Shelby (5 weeks old) and Astro (6 weeks old)

Bentley (6 weeks old), Shelby (5 weeks old), Astro (6 weeks old) and Chevy (5 weeks)

Viper, Bentley, Shelby, Chevy, Clutch and Astro

Mitizi - 3 weeks old

Sephia 3 weeks old

Morgan 3 weeks

Styles 3 weeks

Verona 3 weeks old

Nova 3 weeks old

Sienna 3 weeks old

Styles..... this is what he thinks of having his picture taken.. LOL!


Bobbie @ Silverwalk said...

Sheesh - I keep saying I am not a puppy person, yet I adopted out a Beagle puppy late 2009, kept one for me (Margie) and now have two tweenie Dachshund mix (probably Chi) boys. Your puppies look so sweet and I know they are....plus a lot of work and worry. OMgosh :).

House of the Discarded said...

Puppy breath! I need some Puppy Breath!!! :)

Val said...

I have read your entire blog and want to give you a huge pat on the back! What awesome work.
Now, I know why I have read it....

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If you could help that would be awesome! We rescued a WGSD at 13 weeks with huge medical problems....and he turned out wonderful! Hopefully someone else will have that chance with this little guy.

Anonymous said...

I have to say "Styles", now know as Max still gets caught w/ his tongue hanging out...LOL...and right now he is just so fun and full of energy...21 weeks old already!!! Wow time flies!! Took him to the small dog park the other night and he made a new little friend and just loves him to pieces!! Visited my sister and she has a Chiuhua (my spelling stinks..sorry!!) whos is 6 and he and didn't care for all the bouncing...LOL!!! Thanks again for all you do!!!

Heather Campbell