Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Two things annoy me.......

Tell me if I am wrong here but 2 things annoy me and I just seem to be seeing it a lot lately.

#1. A rescue group comes into a shelter and takes all the puppies in a litter (or sometimes just the cutest ones in a litter, leaving behind for example the black ones) and leaves mom behind to die.

THAT MAKES ME SO MAD! If you are taking a litter of puppies you should under obligation and seriously because it is the right thing to do take the mom. How can you as a so called rescue person walk into a shelter and look at the mom and say THANKS FOR THE PUPPIES BUT I AM GOING TO LEAVE YOU HERE TO DIE!

I think that any rescue person / organization that does that shouldn't be allowed to call themselves a rescue. You aren't rescuing shit! You are just taking out of the shelter what is going to be easy and quick to adopt.

I am sorry but to me rescue is taking dogs that ACTUALLY NEED HELP! Not, just the cute, the young, the HEALTHY. I really feel like I am alone in feeling this way some days.

That is why I took all the mom's and dad's from the shelter 2 weeks ago. There were plenty of rescues wanting the mom and puppies but NO ONE wanted the dad's. UGH! Makes me so mad. I kind of did it to prove a point.

Don't get me wrong I am glad that I did, I LOVE THOSE DOGS anyone who is connected to me on my facebook page can see that. I swear I have so many pictures of those babies. Oh they just make my day to go home to them.

Oh and good news Batman was adopted :-) YAY for Batman!

#2. That annoys me is that people ALWAYS, let me repeat that ALWAYS come to rescue when they are having issues with their dog and / or need to rehome their dog. But where do or did they turn when they wanted a dog????

THE NEWSPAPER (because we all know that all the good breeders advertise in newspapers... NOT!), the Pet Store (because that is where you can get a really great PUPPY MILL BREED dog that has so many issues you can't handle it after 6 months. Not to mention the Pet Store is oh so helpful with training issues and matching people up with a dog that suites their life style) and /or they turn to the internet where some dog is SHIPPED like a pair of shoes to your front door.

They add to the pet overpopulation problem, putting money into the hands of assholes, I mean criminals. BUT if they have an issue or need to rehome the dog the first thing that pops into their head is CONTACT A RESCUE.........WTF.

I really just want to say to people, ya know what if the Newspaper ad, the back yard breeder, the Pet Store that sold you your dog was so wonderful to buy from why aren't you turning to them now????

Ok, just needed to vent :-) I feel better now.

Actually what I need is to go home and hug puppies. I love puppy breath!


NoviceLife said...

I totally agree with you Amy - people/rescues (so-called) that leave behind certain colored and marked babies along with poor mom's and dad's should be left behind with them!!

House of the Discarded said...

The shelter where I rescue forbids rescues from taking "just the cute ones" or "just the kittens" and leave the Mom to die.

They ALL have to be rescued together - as it should be! :)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more!!! You go ahead and vent. LOL Then go home and hold those puppies for me too! I love puppy breath also. :)Christie