Monday, February 1, 2010

Holy Tired....

WOW the puppies are a TON of work, cute as hell but a TON of work. Seriously why in the hell would anyone want to breed to make money? There is not a snowballs chance in hell that you are going to make money at this if you are just breeding randomly and not breeding to keep some fancy gene pool going. UGH! It is so much work and the puppies are only 2 and 1 week old. LOL!

Well I guess that is how people make money at it, they don't do it right.

The mom's are all doing well. The 2 week old puppies have their eyes open and the 1 week old puppies are growing. The one from litter #2 is HUGE looks like he doesn't even belong with the other two. He is literally double in size, maybe triple. PIG!

The 2 mom's that haven't give birth are doing ok. The one is super friendly and a total lover, lap dog. The other acts all shy so cute! They both LOVE THEIR BELLIES SCRATCHED!

The males are doing ok. The one tried to eat me. I now I have a hole in my hand. OMG does that hurt. Well actually I have a hole on both sides of my hand but it is the one on my palm that hurts the worse. It is right in that muscle for your thumb.. ugh!

The other two are doing great. One is adopted already.... foster homes mom FELL IN LOVE with him.. lol And the other is in a foster home just loving life, he is good with cats and everything :-)

I had a lot of adoption this weekend.... Lucy, Libby, Polly, Kiwi and Batman. Pretty good weekend!

There are 3 maybe 4 dogs in kill shelters I am working on saving. I called on about 7 today but luckily 3 got adopted or taken by another rescue. YAY!!!

Let's see what else is going on........... my friend June rescues a bunch of puppies so I am going over there tonight after work to give them all shots. Apparently they were all living outside in a pen.. ugh!

The American Eskimo was neutered and had his dental on Wed. It was under $300 so that isn't bad and the little old lady was so happy to have that all taken care of. My vet office said she asked about how much it would be for Revolution and when they told her how much she said "oh my I can't afford that." I hope her family / kids step up and help her. If not you know I will...

So, I guess that is it for catching you up on everything.

Last week was CRAZY, I sure hope this weekend isn't as bad. I was so tired by Friday I could hardly stand.. seriously! I am getting up an hour earlier to take care of mom's and puppies and work is crazy b/c it is the end of our fiscal year so I have been taking work home with me.

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