Sunday, February 7, 2010

Puppies update

The puppies that were born on Friday morning are doing well. The male puppy that was born on Thursday morning is doing much better. I don't think that the last 2 mom's have enough milk for their babies. Since Lexus had 5 and Caddie had 2 and Lexus kept kicking the boy (the runt) out of the bed, I took the boy and had him moved to Caddie. Caddie excepted him and he is doing really well.

The first litter just turned 3 weeks yesterday. They are starting to "walk" a bit like drunk sailors but they are walking.. lol Their eyes are totally open and they are starting to play with each other. So, freaking cute.

Mercedes litter turned 2 weeks old yesterday so they have started on their 3 days of wormer. Viper the all black one does not have eyes open at all but Chevy and Shelby do. It is so weird. Chevy is about 3 times the size of Viper and Shelby. Seriously the dog is HUGE!

I picked up some babies milk and I am getting a bottle this afternoon so I can start supplementing the last 2 litters. I am really worried that they aren't getting enough to eat.

Keep paws crossed that everyone stays healthy!

I love these puppies but man are they a lot of work, why would anyone want to do this on purpose.

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