Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No one realizes how much work goes into it

I really don't think anyone has a clue how much work goes into rescuing a dog. For example I received an email from a shelter that is 4 hours away from me. They have a pure breed JRT already neutered who will be killed on Friday if he doesn't find an exit plan. Well how the heck I am going to get a dog that is 4 hours away..

I asked the volunteer if they have any transport available and she says they do not. No help in getting the dog to safety. So, it is totally up to me to find a way to get the dog out of the shelter and to one of my foster homes or to me. I send out email and facebook messages and ask other rescues... then when I find someone that can help or a few people that will help save the dog I have to coordinate who gets the dog from the shelter, who the dog goes to from there and so on and so on until the dog is to safety.

I also have to figure out how to get the shelter the money for the pull fee. None take credit cards and very few take pay pal.

Then when the dog gets to let's say the foster home I have to coordinate getting the dog to the vet... 9 times out of 10 the dog isn't fixed so that needs to happen ASAP. Then the dog needs to be posted on line so we can start accepting applications, then process the applications, the arrange meetings maybe 1 time maybe 2 times before the dog is adopted.

While in our care I have to keep track of the vet records for the dog and make sure that everything is taken care of and addressed. Doesn't really seem like that big of deal, right? WRONG! When you have 31 dogs in your care and you have to make sure they are fixed, given shots and then booster shots, wormed, heartworm negative, kept on flea and heartworm prevention...... trust me I am always wondering "did I miss anything"

Oh then when we have adoption events.. a lot of work and planning and coordinating.

I must admit I have the best foster homes right now so life is a little easier then it has been ever before.... let's just hope I can keep up this pace.. LOL!

Cross paws I need to get some dogs adopted out this weekend. There are a BUNCH at kill shelters that need out ASAP!

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