Monday, November 3, 2008

Here we go..

It is 11:15am on Monday and I am leaving work in 15 minutes to save the lives of three sweet heart JRT's.

I am driving from work to Mansfield Ohio to pick up one scared to death little boy and maybe another dog for another rescue. That is about an hour. Then I am driving to Bucyrus Ohio about 40 minutes to save a sweet male JRT with no front teeth... owner kicked them in. THEN I am driving to Norwak Ohio about an hour to pick up a sweet little female JRT who may be pregnant. Then I am heading home, about an hour drive.

With any luck I will be home before 5pm. LOL!! Yea, we will see about that... I am so going to get lost I always do... LOL!

So, that is what I am doing today!

I can only do this because I was able to get 2 dogs adopted on Saturday and have 2 in foster care. Bad thing is Boots didn't work out for the family that has her brother Camp and I got a call last night from the people who adopted Levi. They are bringing him back. AND on top of that Gloria has four 7 week old puppies that are supposed to be JRT puppies that were living under some ladies barn.

Will the madness ever end??

Oh and get this, my foster dog Sassy she was an owner surrender to the pound. I didn't know that until the owner emailed me to check in on her. WHAT!!!! Are you flipping crazy. If you cared that much about your dog you should have had her spayed and you should have taken her with you. OMG!

I wrote him the truth which is probably not what he wanted to hear but tough buddy reality sucks! That poor dog is so depressed, scared and confused. I don't think she can hear real well either. I thought it was because she didn't know her name but now I know her name really is Sassy so I think she is deaf. Great!

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