Friday, November 7, 2008

What has been happening

Well the 3 dogs I rescued on Monday are settling in nicely. Little Barney who I pulled from Richland County Pound was so scared and really didn't have much of a personality at the shelter has totally come out of his shell. OMG what a crazy guy. LOL!! He is ALL PUPPY!!

Carlton, I took to the vet after work on Tuesday. His teeth are so bad... well what is left of them. He has cauliflower ear, like a wrestler gets. You don't even notice it until you feel it. Looks like his owner kicked him in the head A LOT. What a jerk. I told you about that right? His owner taught him not to bark by kicking him in the face. He is missing a lot of teeth because of it. He is going on Monday to the clinic to have his teeth cleaned / removed. I feel so sorry for him. He is a sweet little guy.

Dottie, the girl I took from Huron County is a sweet heart. She is scared and someone obviously beat her. She smiles at you when ever you get near. To say DON'T hurt me. She would never hurt a flea though. She is about 4 weeks pregnant with a lab/Shepard mix. Now mind you this is a 12 pound JRT... and that is 12 pounds pregnant! I am getting her spayed next week. Last thing we need is for her to die, the puppies to die during birth and more puppies in this world. Not to mention Dottie has a UTI and MAJOR worms which can cause huge health issues with the puppies AND I have to medicate her so that could screw up the puppies too. This is pretty much a no win situation.

I did get another puppy on Tuesday after work. Not 100% sure what it is but it will be a big dog. His name is Rocket. He is only 3 months old.

I took Regal to June's place on Wed so she could work with her. She is just too attached to me. I have had that dog since May. She needs a home and not with me.

I have the dogs outside in the kennels all this week because it has been so nice out. I am really hoping a few get adopted so that I can move them into the barn and they don't have to be in crates next week. It is supposed to get cold this weekend and then woohooo winter. I really do like the winter I just wish it didn't last so long.. LOL!!

Well I need to get as much work done as I can today and get my butt home so I can get ready for an adoption event tomorrow.

I am taking Jenny and the puppies just to get them some exposure and I am going to take Rocket. Of course no one can go home tomorrow but maybe I can get some applications and they will get homes soon.

Rocket is getting neutered on Monday and the puppies will be spayed the week after Thanksgiving.

Wish me luck. These dogs need homes and I sound like a broken record. LOL!

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