Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pictures of dogs in their homes

This is Vera enjoying a day at Kelly's Island with her Mommy!!

Mr. Turner who was in rescue nearly a year. He has a very sad story but it has a happy ending as you can see. He came from a puppy mill where the miller was going to drown him to a soft warm home in MI.

Scotty, Scotty, Scotty. Anyone who knows the story of Scotty knows he has it made!! Scotty is the proud owner of a Mom, Dad and a 1 year old baby boy.... that came after he was adopted. Just ask Scotty, the baby came into the family just for him!

Ring, Ring, Ringo! Well his name is Jasper now! He is now living the good life in Canada!

Peter who is now Clyde (standing) was adopted last year. His "foster" sister Missy who they call Bonnie is hoping that she can make this her forever home!! She is working it!

Helen (left) and her brother all dressed up for Halloween. Helen was one sweet girl who was very sick when I rescued her. Her awesome family in MI helped to nurse her back to health. She is the love of their life (and mine)!

This is Gigi the puppy. She was just a little thing when she was adopted out. You may recognize her. She had her picture taken at American Greetings when she was a puppy and has been a graduation card, Halloween card, Sweetest day Card and is currently a Birthday card!!
She is MUCH bigger then when she had her picture taken :-) Her name is now Niko!

FRANNY FRANNY FRANNY!! We all know the story of Franny! Well here she is with her sister and her brother Findlay. You all should remember Findlay too. He was my boy and gave us all a scare about 2 weeks after being adopted. As you can see they were all dressed up for Halloween... can't say they were thrilled about it but they sure look cure.. LOL!!

Here is Camp chilling at his house! That is what he likes to do Chill! What a life

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