Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Boots is going home!

WOOOHOOOO!!!! Boots is going home on Friday. I am so excited for her... I have to remember to wash her sweatshirt before her Mommy comes and picks her up.

I am so excited for Boots and I need to say THANK YOU to Amy W. (no not me.. LOL) for emailing Boots new parents and sharing her experiences with them. Amy you have been a huge help and huge supporter THANK YOU!

Also, Thursday Elizabeth is going to come over and pick someone to foster. So, that will be good. Oh and another lady is going to come over... Thursday night I believe to see all the JRT kids. They have a 14 week old Golden Puppy so I said it would probably be best to foster before making a decision on adopting a JRT. That way they can make sure the Golden listens to them and doesn't get too attached to the other dog. Plus if you have a young puppy they will take on the traits of the other dog so that means you will end with a Golden that acts like a Jack.. LOL!!

So, with any luck and God on my side I will have at least 4 dogs sleeping in soft WARM beds by Friday night! YAY!!

Ok, you are probably wondering why 4... No I don't have bad math skills. When Boots gets adopted on Friday then I will bring one of my dogs that is living in the barn in the house. So, that is how I came up with 4.. LOL!!

Oh Oh and I forgot Bob who adopted Clyde (was Peter) about a year ago has been fostering Missy (who he calls Bonnie... get it Bonnie and Clyde.. LOL!!) Anyways, he told me yesterday he wants to adopt Missy. YAY!!!!!!!

Alright we need to keep up the hard work and hopefully get a few more in homes in the next week or so... even with 3 moving out of my house, I still have too many!

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