Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mini Vacation

I dropped off 5 dogs to the clinic yesterday. aaaahhhh a break. LOL!! At least until Thursday when I get them all back. Right now I have 8 foster dogs at the house so come Thursday I will have 13.

The good news is that someone is interested in Levi and someone is coming Thursday night to adopt Rocket.

The bad news is Lester was returned on Sunday after 5 months of being adopted. They took him to the vet for allergies and the vet charged them $180. Then she saw worms in his poop on Sunday and freaked out that it was going to cost her more money. She called me saying she can't take care of Lester any more. She works full time.

Oh geez lady you work full time and have 1 dog. Oh my how do you even manage? LOL!! Whatever, the working full time excuse really doesn't fly with me.

I spoke with her for a few minutes and offered solutions but she wasn't having it. She just wanted him gone. I told her to bring him back whenever she wanted. She was at my house in 10 minutes!

This dog is so nice. Totally housebroken, fine with kids, cats, dogs, etc. Just a nice dog. She was only freaked out because she saw worms in his poop and all she could think about was it costing her more money. So, I guess in her mind saying she works full time and can't have a dog is better then saying she is too cheap to take care of a dog. LOL!!

Whatever, we will find Lester a REAL home this time.

So, right now I have at my house

Malcolm -who will never leave because he is sick
Dottie - who is getting spayed Wed.
Sassy -
Muppet -
Razzel -
Spencer -
Lester -
Boots -

At the clinic I have:
Rocket -
Theo -
Oakley -
Barney -
Carlton -

In foster care I have:
Kyle - who should be getting adopted on Saturday
Jenny X's 4 puppies -
Juno -
Munch -
Lucy -
Lily -
Levi -
Regal -
Ricky - ????

I think that might be it... LOL!!

We are having an adoption event on Saturday. I really hope some of these dogs can find homes. I have had to turn away 6 dogs in the last 2 days :-( NOT GOOD.

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