Thursday, November 20, 2008

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As you all read on my Sunday night post I am having some issues with couping with rescues who are BUYING (not rescuing!) puppies / dogs from Puppy Mills.

Yesterday, I received a phone call from a rescue friend, (name has been changed) Sue, asking for help in saving the life of a Chi/JRT mix. He will die on Friday if not taken out of the shelter. He was picked up as a stray after his doggie friend was hit and killed by a car. He was standing waiting with his doggie friend to wake up.

I explained to Sue I don't have room and I am full to the brim. Sue said yea, everyone one is. I just got off the phone with (name has been changed) Betty and she is completely full with puppy mill puppies. Needless to say I went off on a bit of a tirade. Sue agreed with me 100% and said she feels the same way I do. She will NOT pay anyone for a dog, she doesn't even taken in owner surrender dogs unless it is a special case. I said yea, me too.

It was nice knowing that someone else felt the same way I do. I was starting to think I was the only one.

Then she proceeded to tell me about a women who goes to Georgia and loads up with puppies and brings them back up to the Cleveland area. She buys literally a truck load of puppies. Sue said that when she does this she always calls her and says I have some really nice (mentions the breed Sue rescues) and says you can have them for $75 a piece.

$75 a piece!! That is what she paid the puppy mill for them.

That isn't rescue that is BUYING PUPPIES. The person that does this then vets them (ok so that is the only reason she is better then a pet store) and adopts them out of $300 - $350. WHAT???!!!! Are you kidding me?

So, my advise to anyone looking to adopt, PLEASE be careful because people are POSING as a rescue people and are taking over where the pet stores left off. If the "rescue" says it is a puppy mill dog RUN the other direction! It is really said that I now have to give people advise to stay away from "rescues" that have puppy mill dogs because they are no better then Pet Stores.

That really bothers me because I have had dogs from Puppy Mills before but I didn't pay anyone for them. 1 was my sweetie little Gracie who came from a Puppy Mill bust, Turner and Ivory had their babies drowned and they were next when a women (who unfortunately does buy puppies from puppy mills) was at the Mill and saw what the miller was doing. She talked him into giving her the dogs and then contacted me.

Anyways, the point to all of this is PLEASE visit this link

Support the cause and spread the word!

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