Sunday, November 30, 2008


So, Thanksgiving came and went. It was nice. I went to my fiance's sister house in Indiana. We left Wednesday night after I took care of the dogs and came back late Friday night. It was strange not having to feed horses or take care of dogs for two whole days!

I spent the entire trip to Indian 5 hours, going through applications for Gloria's Puggle Puppies (7 of them) and Boston Terrier Mix puppies (4 of them). HOLY APPLICATIONS!! It was hard narrowing down who was going to be chosen. A lot of good applications. Gloria called the ones I picked and has pretty much everyone spoken for so that is good. Those puppies need homes.

Gloria had a 3rd litter of Beagle / JRT puppies... those are almost all adopted too.

Before I left Barney went to go live with a guy named Ken for the week to see if he wants to adopt him.

Lester went to go live with a women I know from work to see if they wanted to adopt him... they emailed me today they are 100% keeping him.

Spencer is officially adopted

The JRT / Rat Terrier puppies have applications in on them and people have come to see them.. just waiting for people to say yes they will adopt them.

So, who is left to find a home?

3 JRT puppies
and there are 2 dogs in my Dayton foster home.

15 dogs...ugh!

I have talked to a few people today and yesterday so maybe one of my kids will find a home with them. I really want Muppet to get into a home soon. He is growing up in my barn.. that isn't fair. He is a puppy that needs a family. Poor little guy. He has been through so much at such a young age. And Munch.. I love that dog... why she hasn't been adopted yet is beyond me. Seriously someone is missing out on a good dog.

I think if those two get adopted I will feel a little better. Sometimes dogs not getting adopted just bothers me especially when I know how awesome of a dog they are, ya know?

Ok well her is to hoping some good comes out of today.. LOL!! It is supposed to rain and be really gross out. UGH!

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Scott Watkins said...

Thank you for everything you are doing rescueing dogs! You are an awesome person!!!!!!!!!

Best Wishes,
Scott and his 3 adopted rat terriers