Monday, December 1, 2008

What a day!

I found out today that Barney has his forever home!! YAY!!! Ken just loves him. Here is a little of what Ken had to say about Barney... Or I gues his new name is Jack :-)

"...I have fallen in Love with him... totally... I have never let a dog, or any animal sleep in the same bed as me... but this guy owns my heart,, he snuggles really close to me in bed, and he rests his chin on my shoulder, and tucks his head under my chin.. I put my arm over him, and that is how we sleep.... oh sure he moves away once in awhile through the night, but within 10 minutes, he moves back close to me and snuggles again.. this is of his own accord.. we walk about 3 miles a day... and he follows me around the house like a shadow... when I sit on a chair, he hops up onto my lap and snuggles in... we play catch and he loves his monkey toy.. when I go for a car ride, he sits, or lays on my lap... we have been to Cleveland and back twice now, and he likes car rides... "

So how freaking cute is that!! LOVE IT!!

Now for some bad news. I went to pick up Ricky today, a dog adopted out in March 2008. The women that adopted him I really don't think is over her older dog that died. She thought Ricky would be a good replacement but she compares him to her old dog Mindy. I don't think the poor women is really ever going to be happy because no one is ever going to live up to Mindy in her mind.

I just feel like crap after having to go to the women's house and pick up Ricky and take him to the boarding kennel. I mean yea people return dogs to me and I feel bad for the dogs and frustrated with the people but I haven't seen exactly how there were living so I guess it doesn't make me feel as bad.... does that make sense?

Today I had to go and take Ricky from maybe the ONLY home he has ever known, where he has been for 8 months. Pick up a bag of clothes and toys of his and head out the door. I mean what is going through that dogs mind??? UGH! Just kills me to think that he is laying in the boarding kennel wondering why the hell he isn't in bed with his owner. I just really don't know how people just give up a dog after all that time.

I totally get you foster to adopt and it doesn't work out but you had it set in your mind..this might not be forever... I understand if there are major issues.... it is just heartbreaking to me.

I have had some REALLY bad dogs but I would never in a million years have a dog for nearly a year and give it back. NEVER. Geez my dog now, Hobbes... she is a bad dog. People always say what a good dog she is but trust me that did not come over night. My dog Petey, I will be the first to admit he has issues... when I got him he was so nasty around other dogs and food. Now he is getting better.. it is just a matter of working with the dog.

It is just heartbreaking to me to think of Ricky who last night was in a warm house getting treats is now homeless.... it is heartbreaking to me that I have a 5 - 6 month old PUPPY! That has never known what it is like to be part of a family. He lives in my barn, sleeping on blankets in a horse stall with 4 other dogs. It is heartbreaking for me to know that I have dogs who deserve a family and don't have one.

There are good days in rescue and there are bad. I am not saying today was bad one... no one is hurt, dead, etc. Just a heartbreaking day.

I sat in the barn with Regal, Razzel, Kyle, Muppet and Dottie and played with them and gave them treats and just let them sit on me for probably 45 minutes praying the entire time that they get homes soon!

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