Monday, December 8, 2008

Doggies going home!!!

Go home, go home, go home FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things are moving in the right direction :-)

Not sure if I told you but Lester got a forever home... a person I work with adopted him. They came over Monday 11/24 and picked him up and made it official by the end of last week.. ;-) Great home!!

Muppet was adopted on Friday. So, excited. I sent an email and called today so hopefully I will get an update soon. I worry when I don't get updates.. LOL!!

Saturday 2 of Jenny's puppies went to their forever homes. So, far they are doing great. The other two puppies are Christmas presents for the family so they aren't going home till the week of Christmas.

Sunday Jenny, the mom was picked up to go to her forever home.

Carlton officially was adopted tonight. Now, that is so exciting. The lady that adopted him LOVES him so much. So, awesome.

Sassy is going to her forever home on Saturday.

Someone is coming over on Saturday to see Kyle. I am pretty excited about that. She seems so nice and has a trainer to come and take care of the dogs for 1 hour everyday. Pretty awesome! She said her dog likes to play so Kyle is a perfect match. This sounds like a great home.. Kyle will be so happy!

Saturday Munch was taken by a great family for a trail. They already decided they are keeping her. THEY LOVE HER!! The already sent me pictures. I will try to get adopted pictures up tomorrow ;-)

Oh Friday night Debbie picked up Ricky for a foster to adopt and LOVES HIM!! So, Ricky has finally found his FOREVER HOME!! YAY!!

Quinn the new dog I got on Friday... well he went to Gloria first... I got him Sunday. Kim and Bob took him to home to see how he does. Kim is going to have her parents check him out. He is a really nice dog and I think they will like him. So, hopefully Quinn has already found himself a home... FINGERS CROSSED!!

Man, I have been busy.. LOL!!

Ok, I think that is the update on everyone.

So, I have Oakley, Dottie, Regal and Titus up for adoption... oh and I am suppose to get Crash the dog that was hit by a car... hopefully I can get him soon.

I think I updated on everyone... if I missed someone let me know... LOL!!

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What about Razzle?