Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas!!

These are my dogs. Left to Right:
Petey - Borzi, German Shepard, Rotti, Shar Pei mix. Not sure how old... we are saying 2. He was at the pound for 45 days. The dog warden didn't want to put him to sleep. He said someone take him NOW or else. He was my 30th birthday present to myself ;-)
Hobbes - 5 year old JRT. She is the reason I am in rescue. For the full story go to my very first blog entry.
Chaz - 3 year old JRT. Rescued at age 6 months.
Disco - 10 year old black lab. Purchased by my fiance many years ago at a back yard breeder... he is only my dog by marriage... or soon to be marriage.. LOL!!

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