Monday, December 29, 2008

Please help me find a new home for my aggressive dog

I am writing this blog today mostly because in the last week I have received 5… yes 5 emails from people with dogs they want to re home because the dog bites / is aggressive. 5 times I have had to write the same email so I have decided to write this blog and when a person emails me about wanting to find a new home for their aggressive dog I will just send them this link to this post.

Dear Pet Owner,

I am sorry you are having problems with your dog. Let me start off by saying aggression is not a typical behavior of a Jack Russell. NONE of the dogs I adopt out have bitten someone and NONE of the dogs I adopt out show aggression towards people or other dogs. Any dog that comes into my rescue and either bites me, shows aggression towards other dogs or people while in my care or my foster homes care is humanely euthinized at my vet office. I will NOT and DO NOT adopt out dogs that I fear have the potential to bite someone or attack another dog. I am very strict with this policy.

For all the reasons you want to find a new home for your dog are all the reasons why no one else is going to want to adopt your dog. Also, if you re home your dog with a known bite history and the dog hurts someone you can be sued and lose EVERYTHING YOU OWN! Is it worth the risk of #1 someone getting hurt and #2 a huge legal battle?

I would not recommend taking your dog to the pound or shelter as the dog will more then likely end up being put to sleep by the pound / shelter. And I say put to sleep making it sound nice but it isn’t. Most shelters gas the dogs… gassing a dog means putting the dog and many other dogs in a small box about the size of your oven and filling the box with carbon dioxide. The dogs first go into total panic mode because they are trapped in a small area with a lot of other dogs. Sometimes they begin to fight with each. Then the dogs feel sick, then sleepy and then they die. Once they are dead they are put in plastic trash bags and thrown in the dumpster. Is this what you want for your loving pet??

If by some miracle of a chance your dog is not killed by the pound / shelter and is “adopted” by someone more then likely the dog will end up abused for his / her aggressive behavior. First an unsuspecting person / family will adopt the dog from the pound or shelter trying to do a good thing by saving a life. Instead they end up with an aggressive dog that hurts someone… could you live with yourself if you knew your dog hurt a child scaring them for life? That family will either abuse the dog, as they don’t understand why the dog is behaving this way. The dog will end up dieing a horrible death in pain from abuse or tied to a tree outside living year after year with little to no human contact while warm days turn to Ohio FREEZING nights over and over! Again, is this something you want for your beloved pet?

The other option is the dog is re homed again and again with his / her aggression getting worse with every new home. (Did you know bad behavior worsens with every change / move to a new home???) Finally the dog ends up in the hands of a dog fighter who will use the dog for live bait to teach his dogs to fight. People who fight dogs LOVE little dogs like Min Pin’s, JRT, even Chihuahua’s because they are small and feisty!

At this point you are mad at me and wondering why I am “TRYING” to scare you / make you feel guilty. I am not trying to do either. I am simply telling you the truth. So, please don’t email me and tell me how horrible I am… I am not the horrible person the people who do these things are!

Now for some solutions. You really only have two:

#1. Hire a trainer, have the dog evaluated and see if you can work with him / her. There is not some miracle cure and you will need to be in this for the long run, so if you are lazy just go straight to option two. You will need to listen to what the trainer says and STICK to the program. Your dog will NEVER EVER be fixed but you should with a good trainer and dedication on your part be able to manage your dog’s behavior.

#2. Humanely euthinize your dog. Spend the day with your dog, give him / her a McDonald’s hamburger and anything else he / she wants. Take him / her to the vet office and with a small needle prick let him / her die in your arms being loved and happy.

TRUST ME! Neither option is easy but these are your ONLY options. I have been in your shoes so please don’t email me and tell me I don’t understand because TRUST ME I do ALL TOO WELL. I had a Min Pin that I spent $2,000 on trying to help his aggression and actually made some good progress. The bad thing is I run a dog rescue and there are too many people and dogs in and out of my house. He was too unstable to live my crazy hectic life. I had to euthinize him. IF I didn’t run a dog rescue I would still have him.

I wish you luck in your decision. If you choose to go to a trainer feel free to email me and I can give you a trainer in your area. I know of one in Akron, one in Toledo and 2 in Cleveland that might be able to help you.


Anonymous said...

I am so sick and tried of uneducated people saying that shelters "gas" dogs. They DO NOT! If the dog is truly aggressive, take him to a vet or local shelter and have it voluntarily euthanized. They give the dog a shot and that's it. The shelter workers don't like VE as much as you don't but sometimes it is necessary for the good of the dog.

Dog Rescuer said...

Shelters in Ohio do still gas.. a lot of them do actually. But yea, I am with you. Do what is right by your dog and society, take them to the vet to have them humanely EU.