Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dog at work

Today I brought Carlton into work. It is pretty funny, he is just sitting on a chair in my office hanging out. I am going to a local high school, Magnificat to do a presentation about dog rescue so Carlton in my prop :-)

Carlton is one of the ones I picked up at the beginning of November on my dog rescue run where I hit up three pounds and rescued..... I think 6 or 7 dogs... LOL!! I can't remember how many in total. I took three home with me...Carlton, Dottie and Barney. I think I am going to have to go back to my own post to remember how many dogs I picked up that day... LOL!!

Anyways, Carlton is the one that was badly abused. His owners kicked in his front teeth so the poor little guy doesn't have teeth in the front. Besides looking a little rough you would never know he was abused... he is just so sweet. He actually lives in my house full time.

So, he has been hanging out on my office chair all day. Pretty much just sleeping. I guy named Paul walked into my office and was talking to me. He didn't even see Carlton in the chair. Paul is a big guy and when Carlton woke up I think it scared him b/c he barked... it was SOOO FUNNY!! I am sure my Executive Director didn't appreciate it though... he isn't a fan of dogs, let alone dogs in the office but he tolerates my craziness.. LOL!!

Here is a picture of Carlton sitting in my office... and YES that is an Ohio State Jacket that he wore in this morning.. I didn't want him to be cold

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