Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday's schedule

Today is going to be interesting. Here is my schedule:

8am - feed horse, goats, cats, chickens and exercises dogs. Get area ready for puppies, make sure everything is ok with Crash

9:10 - leave to meet Rita

9:30am - meet Rita to pick up 4 puppies that are going to the Clinic on Monday

9:55 - arrive back at home

10am - Kyle getting adopted

10:30am - someone is coming to see Bessie (one of the puppies I just picked up) and hopefully will want to adopt her.

11am - someone is coming to see Sadie (one of the puppies) and hopefully will want to adopt her.

11:30am - Sassy is getting dropped off

12pm - leaving my house to pick up Quinn

12:15pm - picking up Quinn from his foster home then driving to Strongsville area

1:00pm - meeting Judi to adopt Sassy

2:00pm - getting home, settling in Quinn and making sure everything is ok with Crash.

Then when I am all done I am going to shower... LOL!! and get ready for Saturday night. I am going to a fund raising event for something my nephew is involved in.. LOL!! I am not even sure what it is.

Oh and my fiance is getting home around 2pm so it would be nice to see him. He left on Thursday 5:30am for a work trip to Florida. And today is his birthday.

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