Friday, December 5, 2008

Where did the week go?

WOW I have been busy, sad thing is I feel like I haven't gotten anything done. LOL!! Don't you hate that?

Well so for some good news. Tuesday was fun having Carlton at work. Tuesday night my fiance, Tyler was at my house working on stuff... we are remodeling my house... that is a whole different topic for a blog..LOL!! Anyways, when he left to go home he left his dog at my house and took Carlton. LOL!! Then I received text message that night and then next morning about things Carlton was doing. It was pretty funny.

Wednesday I received a message from my friend June that she had someone looking for a lap dog. I mentioned Carlton. That evening April came over and meet Carlton. I am sure at first she was a little taken back because he is rough looking around the edges but really that isn't his fault. She took him home to "foster to adopt" him. Needless to say I have received emails both yesterday and today about how much they LOVE that dog... LOL!!

Seriously though who wouldn't?? Happy Ending YAY!!

Then last night I received the best application ever!! With some of my dogs I get pictures of the ideal home for the dog and I wish and wish to find a home like the one I created in my head.. does that make sense? Well I saw this application and was so excited! It was an application for Munch. Mom, Dad, 3 kids (2 are boys), another male JRT and a fenced in yard. I mean really couldn't be more perfect!! So, Munch is leaving tomorrow for a foster to adopt!! YAY!!

Then last night a family I have been speaking with about getting dog decided they are coming 3 hours from Michigan to come meet and hopefully adopt Muppet. YAY!!! I am so excited about that because I was getting depressed that he was living at my house. I want puppies to grow up in a home not in foster care.

Ricky who I got back on Monday after being adopted for nearly 8 months.... is going to Debbie's for a trial. Debbie adopted Ed about this time last year. She is a great home and lives very similar to the way the women who gave up Ricky lives so that should be an easy transition for him.

The lady that fostered Sassy for me about a month ago said she wanted to adopt Sassy so I am excited about that. We will get all the details worked out for next week. Sassy needs a special home because she is deaf... granted I think she is a good enough dog that she can go to anyone but not everyone wants a practically deaf dog. :-(

I am waiting on the adoption fee to be mailed for Barney who is now named Jack.. LOL!! So, that will be an official adoption here really soon.

AND Jenny, the mom of the puppies is getting adopted on Sunday! AND the puppies should all have homes by Saturday.
Holy cow.. busy week.

Of course I save a few this week too.. LOL!! Kate my foster home in Columbus just went and picked up a cutie named Scooter. He is the product of someone dieing and asking a family member to take the dog who really didn't want the dog :-( So, we have him!

I am also getting a dog named Quinn... he was supposed to die today but we saved him :-)

And next Thursday with any luck I will be getting a dog with a broken pelvis. He was hit by a car.

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