Sunday, December 21, 2008

Normal Jack Russell behavior.

What does that really mean? I am so sick of people... either volunteers at shelters, other rescues or even people who have a JRT who want to give it up to our rescue saying things like "Well it is just normal JRT behavior" To those who have JRT's what do you think that means? Active? Smart? Spunky? Playful? Jumpy? Yea, that is what it means to me too but for the people writing / saying it I have learned that it means... aggressive. WHAT?????????

I am so sick of it. I just received ANOTHER email from someone today who has had their JRT since he was 6 weeks old (NEWS FLASH, puppies should NEVER EVER be separated from their mom until they are 8 weeks old...) he is now 7 years old and they need to give him up because he is a "typical JRT" When I ask them to explain what that means they say "aggressive with strangers." HUH??? I currently 5 JRT's living at my house not one is aggressive with strangers. And how many have I adopted out in the last 2 years.. anyone have an aggressive JRT that they got from me???

Just makes me so mad. Maybe your dog wouldn't be aggressive if you wouldn't have bought him from a back yard breeder and taken him from his mom at 6 weeks old. Maybe your dog wouldn't be aggressive if it wasn't in breed and you didn't let him run the house. UGH!! I really wish I could say that to people.

Other rescues kind of make me mad too because they will say things to me like... oh there is a JRT at the shelter, real nice, typical JRT. I will ask what does "typical JRT" mean... "oh you know aggressive with other dogs." WHAT?????? Since when is that typical... not acceptable at all!!

I have had other rescue friends say to me they won't take a JRT from the shelter because it takes too long to find them homes and they are so bad. I always tell them they LET THEM be bad that is why they are bad. It is funny to go on line and read the descriptions of the JRT's that other rescues have posted. You can tell who UNDERSTANDS JRT's and who has been out smarted by them.. LOL!!

There are two dogs posted on line and both say on their bio's "JRT are NOT good with kids, cats or other dogs. They are known for running aways, barking non stop and digging."

Ok, I love JRT's and I don't want either of those dogs after reading that bio.. LOL!!

Did you know that Beagles are pron to running away and barking non stop?? Did you know that Aussies and Boarder Collies are not normally good with kids?? I don't see bio's on them that say that... UGH!!!

I just had to vent because people get all wrapped up in stereo types and can't see pass them. Kind of like saying ALL Pit Bulls are aggressive dogs. Trust me they aren't. I have rescued and placed several. Heck one of them is pictured in yesterday's blog, sitting on a couch... he looks mean doesn't he.. LOL!!!


Heather said...

I absolutely, 100% agree with you. I hate doggie stereotypes. I work with Italian Greyhound Rescue and we get the same thing - I have to give him up because he's a "typical IG - can't be potty trained." Sure, they are a little more difficult to potty train that other breeds, but of course it can be done!! YOU are just LAZY!!

Also, I was at a dog park a while ago where this woman picked up this JRT after a little disagreement between him and her dog. (Yes, she picked up someone else's dog, not her own) and she held it up away from her and yelled "Who's dog is this???" When the owner claimed him, the lady walked away saying, "Typical JRT, ready to attack at any time."

My boyfriend and I were shocked at her behavior and that statement. We knew it wasn't true and we comforted the owner later.

Anyway, just wanted to share my story with you and tell you that I've been following your blog for a few months now and you are amazing. Keep up the good work!!

Kalley said...

I love my Jack Russell Cloe she is part of our family. These dogs do not like to be left out. I would not ever give her away I love her for her Jack Russell behavior. I say to her bring me your ball cloe and she finds it, she will dance and do tricks she lays on my lap as I type this!

Anonymous said...

No wonder those poor dogs are being aggressive...they have to put up with idiots! I love my Jack, too. We took him in when he was 1.5 years old and honestly had no idea what to expect, but our friend had found him. He'd been abused and cruelly abandoned and needed a home. Everyone told us we were crazy to take a JRT, but we did it anyway.

It's been 3 years, and I have never regretted it. Mac isn't a "typical" JRT at all! He's only 4, but is content to chill on the couch all day. If we take him out, he'll go and go, but he patterns his behavior after ours.

He LOVES to play with other dogs and can be a bit rough sometimes, but it's all in fun and we make sure the other owner is okay with that kind of play. He and our other dog (a mini Rhodie) can wrestle for hours.

Mac only has 2 downfalls. We can't let him off leash (it takes 40 minutes to catch him), and he can't be trusted around our cat. He thinks she's prey and I'm afraid he could really hurt her. But he's bred to hunt small game, so it's really not all his fault.

He was so easy to train and has never had an accident in the house. He has so many cute quirks and such a big personality. I love Mac so much and he's come so far from the poor, sopping dog our friend found tossed out in the rain 3 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I so agree ihave a JRT and she is the sweetest dog ever she loves other dogs and ever since she was a puppy has never been aggressive or shown dominence to other dogs. She is great withadult, kids and babies she shys away from kids at the age of 7 - 10 but she has never tryed to bite anyone. she is so intelligant and picks up on new things so well. people who have these "typical JRT" obviousely just do not know how to care for these amazing dogs.