Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I lied..

Ok, so I lied... just a white lie.. is there a such thing? What did I lie about it... it wasn't my idea.. LOL!!

I lied to the dog hoarder about how sick the puppies are. They are sick don't get me wrong but not as sick as I said. Anyways, it worked. I got all 6 puppies to safety. They are living at my friend June's and June has a BUNCH of people to come visit with them and they will have homes before the weekend is over.

Because the mom had to be on SO MANY medicines to get rid of ALL the worms... seriously gross... the dog hoarder said I can have her too. WOO HOOOO So, is it bad I lied?

I mean the puppies were / are sick with worms. I picked them up today an hour from my house (there were at the clinic getting shots). I put them in crates in my car and they pooped... it smelled so bad from all the worms my eyes were BURNING!!! BURNING, so gross. 1 hour in the car with that smell. I wanted to die. I was speeding and figured if a cop pulled me over and walked to the window he would give me a police escort to June's house... yes it was really that bad of a smell.. LOL!!

So, that is my craziness for the day.


He is able to walk around a little. We put him outside today to go potty and he peed and then walked around (on three legs) the yard. HE IS SO CUTE!! He even walked from the back door to his bed.. YAY!!

My father doesn't think he was hit by a car but thrown out of a car just because his injuries are so weird.

Pray he keeps up the good progress.

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Elizabeth said...

Well... to give you the benefit of the doubt, I would consider this more of an "exaggeration"...