Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dog Hoarder

What is a dog hoarder everyone keeps asking me..... Well a dog hoarder is someone that collects dogs. Some people collect butterfly pictures, some people collect Christmas stuff, a dog hoarder collects DOGS!!

And yes I know of one.

There is a women who has 5 dogs living in her house and 6 dogs living outside. At least that I know of. And this is after I took 4 dogs from her last year and placed them all in homes. I did take the other dogs and get them spayed / neutered BUT at the time I was doing this there was a mom with puppies. Living outside, chained to the dog house. I wasn't able to take the mom to get fixed because she was still nursing the puppies.

The puppies all ended up dieing... freezing to death. When the mom was finally ready to get spayed a month or so had passed and MY FAULT! I never followed up to get her fixed. Well I am an asshole because guess what?????

Mom dog has 6 puppies. Oh and mom is a black lab... like we need more of them.

Anyways, the dog hoarder's son called me asking for help to get the mom fixed. HOW THE HELL DID I FORGET TO GO BACK AND GET THE MOM!! UGH!! I am an idiot.

He also tells me that the mom has 6 puppies and they are keeping them all. I was like NO YOUR NOT!! That is stupid. WHY? After about 2 weeks of going back and forth with him I have them talked into letting me get the mom fixed as long as I give her back and taking 5 puppies. They want to keep the only female puppy.

Do you want to know why they want to keep the female puppy??? So, that they can hook her up the dog house with her mom! OMG!!!!!! Are you freaking kidding me? They want to take a 3 month old puppy and make it live outside.

Now here is the kicker... I HAVE A FREAKING HOME FOR IT!! So, I offered her $100 to give me the female puppy. I haven't heard back yet. I don't know what else to do.

So, Tonight night I am getting all 6 puppies and the mom. I am getting the mom fixed and all the puppies their shots. The puppies will then go into rescue who I am pretty sure will have homes for them within a week. She has people waiting for black lab puppies.

I have to give the mom back. I know it sucks she lives outside but she hasn't known anything else and they want her back. They feed her and water her but living outside just sucks. Poor dogs.

I am really hoping me offering her $100 for the female puppy does not bite me in the ass..... she is going to want money for all of them or something like that. Let's hope not. I really hope I can convenience her to give me the puppy.

I don't know what else to do. UGH!


Thoughts said...

Hoarders make me sick to my stomach. THANK GOD you are able to at least get the mom fixed and get the puppies the hell out of there. What in the hell is wrong with people? Does she not realize the lifestyle that poor Mom has? Living outside in CLEVELAND WEATHER is a death sentence. People like that should not be allowed to have even ONE dog.

Anonymous said...

Dog Hoarding is a disease why would you hate someone who is sick. So do you hate retared people also they are sick. how about old people who are sick do you hate them also.
Stop the hateing. get help for the people..

Dog Rescuer said...

Anonymous - I am confused, where is the word "HATE" used?

Anonymous said...

Can't you report her to animal control? There must be some kind of abuse they can claim, if not there is always limits on how many dogs can be owned. She has to have them licensed. More than 3 dogs (generally in most states) requires a kennel license (even for non-business entities) at a cost of $40 per dog, per year. She could be forced to pay fines if they are not licensed, and even be charged with a misdemeanor or jail time.

If you know about animal cruelty taking place, it is your job to do everything you can to prevent it.

Dog Rescuer said...

Anonymous #2 - The women lives on a farm. There are no limits to how many animals you have if you are registered a farm.

She did end up letting me have mom and all the puppies. I am happy to report that they all have been fixed and they are all happy living INSIDE!

The last I had heard from this person, she hadn't "found" any more dogs and things were going ok with the dogs she has. They are all fixed now so no way to create more ;-)

Dog Rescuer said...

P.S. In Ohio as long as the dog has shelter... and shelter defined by Ohio law is anything that will "get a dog out of the rain" so it could be a knocked over garbage can, if the dog can get inside of it Ohio defines it as shelter! SHITTY LAW!