Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crash UPDATE! ~ and stuff

Oh my Crash is SOOOOO FUNNY! Seriously who ever ends up adopting this dog is going to be SOOOOO HAPPY!! I just love him. He has been making real progress the last week.

He has been going outside to go potty since I got him home but the first week I had him he would do his business and then roll away. He really couldn't hold his own wait. Then he started standing, then he started walking around on 3 legs and now he walks with all 4 legs touching the ground.

Until Sunday he wasn't able to stand up on his own. When he was laying down he would cry and cry until you picked him up and put him on his feet. Then he was happy but on Sunday he was able to get himself up on all 4 legs. It was so cute!!

He has been playing fetch with a pink ball that squeaks. This just started this past week too. He would just lay in his bed and squeak it until you wanted to jump out of a window.. LOL!! But now he chases the ball. You can't make it go too far and you have to make sure he is facing the direction you are rolling it because he can't turn and run for it... although he thinks he can. LOL!!

Crash still needs to be neutered but I am going to wait a little bit longer because I want to make sure that his feeling better before I neuter the poor guy.. LOL!!


Well Regal went on a play date to a Fly Ball training. The lady that took her said she did real well. I hope that someone who is into do that kinda of stuff adopts her. She would love it.

I have Hamlet coming back today. His parents got a divorce :-( He was adopted out January 2008.

I do have a family coming over to see Quinn. And Razzel's foster home is talking to a guy in Columbus today about Razzel and if everything goes well he will come meet Razzel on Saturday.

Oakley went to the vet today b/c he still has soft poo. We put him on another supplement. Poor guy I think his stomach is messed up from being feed too much people food... My vet said it really isn't a big deal but if I am going to find him a home I want him to have nice healthy poop!

I think that is about it in dog rescue land!!

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