Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Who needs a home?

So, some good news ALL the puppies and the mom dog from the hoarder have found a home. Yes you read that correctly all the puppies and mom dog are sleeping under a Christmas Tree and not chained to a dog house in the freezing cold weather. Can you believe that.... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Wooohoooooo!!

Also, Barney went HOME last night. :-) So excited. His family drove from Pittsburgh... 3 hours one way to get him and make sure he was home for Christmas.

Now I had a dilemma... I am debating if I should take a few dogs from my local pound. The pound is going to be closed Wednesday, Thursday & I think Friday. The dogs are going to get NO attention and will probably be sitting in their own waste and barely have enough to eat... I want to take a few out but I just don't know if I have the room. I would 100% take a few out if I knew Quinn was going to go home soon. I have two great applications for him but neither person has called me back :-( I will try them again in about an hour. I really hope I can find him a home for Christmas.

So, who is looking for a home?

Oakley - Toy Fox Terrier, 12 years old, housebroken, good with everyone and everything. He is old but in pretty good health. I REALLY need him in a home ASAP.

Regal - 2 year old Brittany Spaniel Mix that I have had since May. She is housebroken, electric fence trained and a good dog but too smart for her own good. She out smarts people so she needs a dog savvy person.

Crash - 4 year old JRT with broken pelvis. He actually can't really be adopted until I can get him neutered which will probably be the end of January. BUT he could go to a foster to adopt home. He is a REALLY good boy and has started walking around :-) He is housebroken and LOVES to play with a squeaky ball!!

Dottie - 3 year old female JRT. VERY small only 8 #'s. She was definitely abused but is learning to trust and is ALL SMILES :-)

Heuy - 1 year old male JRT. He is ALL energy and defiantly needs some training before he can be adopted. He goes tonight for his shots and we will wait till after the holidays to get him neutered. He is going to be a great dog for someone, he just needs a little training... he really isn't a bad dog just ALL PUPPY!!

Razzel - 1.5 year old JRT mix. He is a great dog. He likes other dogs, great with kids and has beautiful green eyes. He is housebroken! I have had him since August... he really needs a home for Christmas!!

Quinn - 1.5 year old JRT. HE IS AN AWESOME DOG!! Loves to play and would be awesome for someone with a few boys looking for a dog that will do everything with them. He is housebroken, good with other dogs. He is a REALLY nice JRT! I can't believe I still have him!


Peg said...

I have a female 18 month black and white Jack Russell terrier. She comes with papers for a working dog. I thought I had recused her from the pound several months ago, so I thought. My landlord said that I could not keep her. I thought I could find her a good home before now. Time is running out, by new years. Either I find her a new home or take her to the pound. Or I can pay my neighbor a $100.00 inconvience fee a month, which we dont have since we both are on disablity.

l cry myself to sleep each night worring about this. She is a great, small and fun dog whom needs a home NOW...

Is there any thing you can do to help.

peggy espersen
northwest ohio

Miriam said...

I have a 5 yr old male JRT who needs a new home. With our first baby coming in the spring, we can no longer take a chance on his aggressive tendencies (he is a biter). I feel that our small property and other dog contribute to his aggression, so he would do best in a home with no other pets (dogs or cats) and a home with either older or no children. Please help me if you can...