Friday, October 3, 2008

Poor Spot

I have this cute little JRT that I named Spot. She is just cute and sweet and someone has for sure beaten the living tar out of this dog.

I have a strict policy... NO AGGRESSIVE DOGS! I will not adopt out dogs that are aggressive towards people or other dogs. There are just so many in this world that are sweet perfect house pets why would I let an aggressive dog take up a spot in my rescue when I could save 5, 10, 15 nice dogs in it's place. I know, I know HARSH!! But that is the reality of what I do.

It isn't easy to have a dog for a week, a month, two months, heck once I had a dog for about year and spent over $2K on him and had to put him to sleep because he wouldn't stop attacking people. Even at 8#'s he could really do some damage when he would bite you.

Just not fair to let a dog mentally suffer like that, ya know?

Anyways, so I have this dog Spot. He was fine at first as far as being a nice dog but as time has gone on he has gotten more and more aggressive. I took him to this lady I know who owns a grooming shop and who does a little training with "damaged" dogs. She is optimistic but I don't think he is getting any better. Until now he hasn't bitten anyone to the point of breaking skin. That all changed this weekend... he bit her husband really bad.

She thinks he might be in some sort of pain and it seems to be getting worse. So, I am going to take him to the vet Monday at 5:20pm and see what might be wrong with him.

If there is something wrong with him physically we will work on fixing him but if there isn't then I am afraid.........

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