Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend update

This weekend turned out to be a pretty good weekend. Friday I left work about 4:00ish. I headed straight to vet office number 1 and picked up Levi who was neutered. Then I headed straight to vet office number 2 to drop off some money and pick up front line. THEN I went home.

I got home let out all 14 foster dogs, 4 dogs of my own and the two dogs I am baby sitting (1 of them is a 180# Great Dane)!

I cleaned kennels, gave everyone fresh food and water and gave medicine to those who needed it. Just like I do EVERY DAY after work.

We went for a walk in the back field and then I had to take care of my barn. I fed my horses, swept the isle, cleaned the goats water, fed the goats, cleaned the stall the GD is staying in (you didn't think he stays in my house did you... lol), clean kitty litter and then I put everything in my car that I would need for the adoption event.

Then I put together crates in the garage... lined them with paper, put blankets, food, water and some toys in each crate.

I had to give everyone bath that was going with me to the adopt event on Saturday. 8 dogs in total :-) Yes, I gave 8 dogs a bath! Then I put them in crates in my garage so they wouldn't get dirty. By this time it was about 8:30pm.

I then went in the house and started printing out the paper work that I needed for Saturday and making sure everything was in order.

Around 9pm Erin and Gary came over to see all the JRT's. They adopted Milo and left about 10pm.

Saturday was the adoption event from 10 - 2. I got up, fed horses, goats, cats, gave medicine to the dogs that needed it and loaded up the dogs and off we went.

Levi was adopted Saturday at the event. Munch and Robin went to foster homes.

On Saturday when I got home from the event I did my usual routine that I do every evening.

Sunday I actually did something that didn't involve dogs at least in the middle of the day because in the morning I did my normal routine of taking care of the animals.

Sunday evening Bruno was adopted and I did my normal routine with all the animals.

It was a nice weekend and 3 dogs got homes and 2 went to foster homes so that is good. I like it when they are living in a house and not at my house in a kennel. I mean I guess it is better then dead but I worry about them too much.. LOL!!

Well here is to hoping more get adopted this week / weekend.

I do have 3 more coming into rescue this week. LOL!!!

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