Thursday, October 9, 2008

Can I cry?

This week was going pretty good. I have 8 JRT's at my house which for me feels like a vacation. Dogs got adopted this past weekend, I have an adoption event Saturday so maybe a few more will get adopted.



A few months ago I took a female JRT from another rescue to help them out. This dog is a mess, she is nothing like I was told and had an issue with her throat that made her sound like a pig. She was a total pain in the ass and when she finally got adopted everything was fine at first but has gotten worse. Long story short, the women who adopted her is bringing her back and I am going to have to EU her. UGH!!

I feel horrible because I look like the asshole. I hate when I adopt out a dog and things go badly I just feel so guilty.


Bruno who was adopted on Sunday by an older man is being returned because he refuses to crate Bruno and Bruno is messing in his house.

I had Bruno in my house and everything was fine. He went outside to go potty and everything. I told the man that I wasn't 100% sure if he was housebroken but he hasn't had an accident in my house and was even left alone for 4 hours.


Findlay who was adopted Sunday September 26th came down with an upper respiratory infection and is currently at the vet. OMG. You have no idea how much I love this dog. I want to jump in the car and drive to where he is... if I did that I would probably cry the entire way. There are just some dogs I fall in love with and get really attached to and this is one of them.


I am getting 2 male JRT's today, 3 more from Gloria sometime this week and Gloria and I just pulled a dog from the shelter that had a broken leg. I couldn't let it suffer. I don't think that it is a JRT but like I said I can't let it suffer.


I have NO FREAKING MONEY!!! LOL!! I am so broke that I can't get dogs fixed until I get some adopted b/c I can't afford to get them fixed.. LOL!! Now that is just plain sad!

Ok I think that is it.... I am going to go cry now.

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