Sunday, October 19, 2008

Returning dogs everywhere....

Bruno the JRT was returned because the retired guy that had him for 4 days said he didn't have time for a dog!?

Ricky a beagle / JRT mix that I adopted out in March is being returned because the women says he is too much energy for her.

Dexter an American Eskimo dog that I adopted out Jan 2007 is being returned because the wife got a new job and works too much.

Nora the JRT was returned because she was a bad match... that I don't blame anyone but me on.

Robin the JRT was returned after 4 hours because the family forgot that they had an alarm system with sensors and Robin would set it off.

Boots the Rat Terrie mix was returned because the 4 year old had allergies (no ones fault on this one either).

Kyle the Corgi/JRT mix's family lost their home and moved to Columbus. While the settled in I said I would watch Kyle. They dropped him off to me the 2nd to last week in Aug. I still have him. I have him back up for adoption as I don't think they are coming back for him. They have NEVER called me and I even sent him to a foster home in Columbus to be near them and they have NEVER called the foster home either.

All of this has happened in October. HOW CRAZY IS THAT? I can't take in shelter dogs because I am so full and I am only adopting out one here and one there but I still have the same number of dogs because people keep returning the dog. UGH!

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