Friday, October 17, 2008

One day at a time

So, having rescue closed is such a hard reality. It is hard knowing that by saying NO the dog is going to die :-(

I am going to take in 2 dogs next Thursday. The only reason for that is because I will only have them over the weekend. Monday morning they will go to the vet clinic and be there for a week. So, that gives me this weekend, next week and weekend and one more week to adopt out a few and make some room. The bad thing is I don't have any applications or any interested parties at the present time. **sigh***

One day at a time is how I have to function. Wake up and pray today is the day someone gets adopted and I can take another from the shelter. And pray the weather stays good so I don't have to move the dogs inside. Moving them inside really limits what I can do.

Paws crossed.

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