Monday, October 13, 2008

Busy weekend

I had one busy weekend. Friday I got in 5 dogs. 2 were going to a friend that does rescue so I only had them for one night. The other 3 were staying at my place. 10am Saturday morning a women came over and FELL in love with one of the dogs I got in on Friday. The dog had already been to the vet and all that fun stuff so she was ready to be adopted, at least as far as the vet goes but I didn't know anything about the dog... age, attitude, etc. The women was friends with my dad and my vet so she took the dog home for the night.

The dog did amazingly well and she came back on Sunday and filled out the paper work. I literally had that dog for 14 hours.

Saturday I had an adoption event from 1 - 4 at a Dog Bakery. No one was adopted but two families did call me and come on Sunday and adopt. So, that was good.. sort of... the one family called me 4 hours later and said that the cat was scared (which we talked about and KNEW was going to happen) and that they have an alarm system with motion detectors. The motion detectors are set to go off if anything over 15 pounds moves. So, they can't keep the dog because it would be too difficult to re set the motion detectors. HUH!!????

That has to be the best excuse I have ever heard. OMG!!!

So, Sunday I had a women I have been talking to for at least 2 months come from MI and adopt Turner. Turner was a puppy mill dog that was rescued from being drowned by the miller. He came to me on December 1, 2007! Almost a year in rescue but he has finally found him home! YAY!!

Jersey also found a home on Sunday so that is good.

So, as of right now if everyone keeps the dogs they adopted.. LOL!! I had 3 dogs adopted this weekend.

I picked up the bad dog Nora or now known as Lucy. I still feel like a totally asshole about the whole situation. My foster home in Columbus picked Lucy up from the people that had her. She couldn't say enough nice things about the people, their current dog, their home, etc. Just makes me feel so bad that I matched them up with the wrong dog. What a great home. It isn't often that something like this happens. BUT I guess if I am lied to there isn't much I can do. Lucy just reminds me why I don't take in owner surrender dogs. I never get the truth.

So, the foster home in Columbus picked up Lucy and then her parents brought Lucy up towards me. I picked Lucy up and took her home. I am not sure what to do because at my house she is not going to get what she needs so I am talking to a trainer who might be willing to take her. I am just waiting to hear back... I sure hope she can.

Oh and I found out today that Boots, a dog I adopted out almost 2 months ago needs to come back. The daughter has allergies to animals and well Boots has got to go :-( Poor Boots. Hopefully we can find her a home quickly!

I will not be getting any more dogs in for awhile. I have to close my rescue. The weather is going to start getting really bad and I have 14 JRT's at my house and I can only have 6 during the winter so unfortunately a lot of JRT's are going to die unless I get some foster homes and / or some adopted quickly.

Paws Crossed that not too many die!

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