Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Endings

In July I pulled 4 dogs from Licking County Pound. 2 were big dogs... Petey and Harvey. 2 were small dogs.

Petey was at the pound for 45 days. The dog warden just loved this dog and did not want to kill him. He asked week after week for a rescue to take him but no one did. I saw his face every Sunday when I get the kill list asking for someone to take him. He was just a big brown dog. Nothing special. Finally the plea went out that this would be Petey's last week on the list. If a rescue didn't take him the dog warden would have to kill him.

Harvey was an owner surrender to the pound. Owners turned him in because he ate a shoe. Yep, that is right ate a shoe! So, I of course felt bad for him and I took him too.

I also got Franny that day and Carl a 4 month old terrier mix puppy.

Anyways, I pulled all 4 dogs on my birthday, July 24th. I figured that way no one in my family could yell at me. It was my 30th birthday and that is what I wanted for my birthday.

Ok, so long story short we all know Franny was sick and she got adopted by a great family.

Petey well he is mine now. I am keeping him. Ever since Penny died he has been there right by my side. He is actually at the vet office today getting DNA tested and his dew claws removed.

Carl the puppy was adopted the week after Harvey was adopted and last I heard is doing great!

Harvey was the first to be adopted. He was adopted by a nice family who had a very small Min Pin. I mean very small Min Pin. Harvey was this HUGE Rottie mix. Well to show the happy

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