Friday, October 10, 2008

Follow up from yesterday.


So, I think I have things figured out with Nora. She is coming back to me via my foster homes parents on Sunday. I am still pretty upset about the whole thing.


Well Bruno did come back yesterday and is just sweet as ever. That dog is so cute.


So, I talked to Findlay's mom last night. Findlay is STILL in the hospital. Seriously I might just completely fall apart over this. I LOVE that dog. OMG!! I am hoping to hear from them today that he is doing better. I am literally living on egg shells over this....


Ok, some good news. The 2 male JRT's that I was supposed to get yesterday I did not get because another rescue took them. That is good now I can save some that really need me.

I am getting 2 female JRT and 1 male JRT today from Gloria. The two females Gloria had all their vet care done so that is one less thing I have to worry about. The male JRT is only 6 months old and I worry because he was exposed to Parvo. I hope he is going to be ok. I am going to have to keep a close eye on him.


I still have no money.. LOL!!!

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