Monday, October 20, 2008

Follow up from Sunday's post.

Dexter's family emailed me back and said they may have worked something out where Dexter can be let out during the day. Hopefully this will work out and then they will not have to return him.

Ricky's mom is keeping him until we can find him a home.

I think that is it...LOL!! Dorothy did go home to a great family on Saturday. I will be sending them an email shortly to check in. I LOVE THAT DOG!!

Regal left yesterday too but she is such high energy I don't really have high hopes.. LOL!! The family was getting a dog for the two boys and they both really seemed to like Regal. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Regal. She is a great dog at my house but she is so much energy. Hopefully the boys will be able to keep her entertained. LOL! I will let you know.

I did get a few applications but they aren't responding back to me on follow up questions so I am sure those will go no where. UGH!

I received an email about a Logan County having over 150 animals up for adoption. The warden was instructed to reduce the population in 1/2 by destroying the animals. She is working feverishly with the help of some volunteers to get as many dogs to rescue before it comes to that. There are about 6 JRT's there...... and I can't help! **sigh**

I need foster homes!

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