Sunday, October 26, 2008

What to do next...

Well Boots was picked up today by Camp's family. Oh I am just so happy for Boots. Camp is fine without his sister but Boots really isn't ok without Camp. I just can't imagine why it wouldn't work out. I think Boots family is a little worried about what it is going to be like with two dogs and are going to let me know next Sunday if they are for sure going to keep Boots. I am sure it will work... seriously if it doesn't work then I need to stop doing dog rescue because I suck.

All paws crossed that it works out.

Funny thing is I have two applications on Boots. I am going to reach out to them tomorrow. Maybe they will be interested in seeing someone else.

So, Regal didn't work out with that family that took her last week. She was getting way to dominate with the younger boy. I just don't know what to do with that dog. She needs a farm like mine where she can just run and run and play. UGH! Where am I going to find that? I just can't adopt her out to a city type home again. Doing that is just setting her up for failure. I am so torn with this little girl. She is no problem at my house at all. I can't keep another dog, for geez sake. I wonder if the guy who has skipper would want Regal. She loves car rides which Skipper doesn't like and that was the only thing that bothered him about Skipper... well I guess the fact that Skipper is kind of a wimp. UGH! I don't know.......

I can't adopt out Regal again and just set her up for another bounce back to me. I am so lost.

Oh so Bruno got adopted yesterday. Hopefully it works out for Bruno. She was a referral from someone that already has one of my dogs and is fostering to adopt little Missy right now.

Over all it was a good weekend just worried about Regal and what I should do.

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