Saturday, October 25, 2008

Juggling almost complete

Casper and Spencer arrived last night. OMG they are even cuter then the pictures. Especially Casper, he is so tiny!! They both have kennel cough and FULL of worms but I started them on medicine last night so we should be good in a week or so.

Robin went to her forever home last night and the lady LOVES her. I think I love the lady. She is so freaking cute.

Sassy left for her foster home today. Hopefully all goes well with that.

Midget is getting adopted at 1pm.

Missy is going to a foster to adopt home. The home already has one of my little boys from Feb. of this year.

I got a call last night from the family that has Camp. OH I AM SO EXCITED!! They said they are going to pick Boots up Sunday night and foster to adopt her. I know it is going to work, they are little nervous about what it will be like with two dogs but they are seriously not even going to notice Boots. Camp is way more work then Boots and really he isn't much work either.. LOL! Seriously those two dogs are just the best. I know their owner went to jail but he did a good job with those two dogs. If I could clone them I would 100 times over.

Juno is going to get picked up on Tuesday night to be fostered. That is going to be great for Juno. She needs the one on one attention and to be a little more socialized.

Muppet and Casper are going to go to get neutered Monday morning and the two girls that I am holding on to for another rescue are going Monday night to get Spayed. The girls I will not get back for more then a day or so after their spay. And of course Muppet and Casper will come home Thursday night to stay till they get adopted.

My other foster home is leaving for vacation tomorrow but will be back by the weekend so they are going to take someone to foster. I don't know who yet but maybe Bruno if he doesn't get adopted before then.

Rose who is in foster care has a great application on her so we will see how that turns out.

YAY!!! I am so excited. After the crappy beginning of the month I had this is turning out pretty good.

Rescue full of UPS and full of DOWNS. I am just glad I am on an up swing.. LOL!!

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