Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Friends in from NJ surronded by dogs.......

What a weekend. I had friends in from out of town staying at my house and yet I ran around doing dog stuff... story of my life I guess.. LOL!!

Thursday night I had to meet transport to get two dogs, Friday night I had to meet transport to get 2 new dogs and pick up two dogs at the vet office that I had fixed. Transport was running behind so my friends that were coming from out of town, driving 7 hours actually made it to my house about 1/2 hour before I did. Then I still had to take care of all 14 dogs that are at my house, feed horses, take care of the goats and get ready to go out with them for the night. Good thing my one friend is JRT's obsessed and the other two LOVE animals.. LOL!!

Saturday we had stuff to do for my wedding but we had to take an hour detour so that I could pick up a dog. So, then I had 15 foster dogs at my house.

Then Sunday when they left I had them take a dog with them b/c they were driving right pass the adopters house in PA on their way back home.

My poor friends.

The good thing is Findlay got a home on Sunday because there were able to drive him so I am back down to having 14 JRT's at my house.

There are about a dozen or more in shelters that I am trying to figure out how to get them before it is too late, like it was for the Miami dogs. Stupid pound I am still upset about that.

Cool thing is there is another person who I sort of just met that fosters for another rescue who is as crazy about JRT's as I am. She was able to pull two on Thursday that I wasn't sure I could get to. At least I am not the only one.. LOL!!

Well this weekend I am going to take a few dogs to Pet Smart in hopes of getting a few adopted. Even if I can get just one adopted at least that way I have room for one more.

I do have an application in for Turner, my puppy mill dog that I have had since last November and I do have an application in for a couple who lives on a horse farm who wants 1 or 2. That would be awesome!!!

Fingers crossed... I will let you know how the rest of the week goes.

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