Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More dogs coming in.

The dogs at kill shelters doesn't seem to be slowing down. Here is what I am getting tomorrow on transport:

A fellow rescue friend is going to take dog #2 and #3 that are listed but I am getting them totally vetted for her first so I will probably have them for about 2 weeks.

I did get in 4 last week. 2 went to another rescue and 2 were full JRT's so I have them. Here is one of them, Zeke.

He was rescued minutes before he was going to die. He was brought to me at work so he had to hang out with me for a little while. LOL!! The picture is from my cube at work. He was a really good boy about it.

I also got a female JRT who is prego. Sorry, don't have a picture right now but I will get some up soon. She is going to give birth in 2 weeks. We did an ultra sound and we think (and I really hope) she only has two puppies. Good thing is I know what the father is since they were owner surrenders. The father (so they told me) was a Rat Terrie but honestly he looks like a Jack with prick ears! Here is his picture:

On top of all these guys I still have:

Boots (in foster home)
Razzel (in foster home)
Turner (in foster home)
Fran (getting adopted TOMORROW)
The two fat Aussies
Teka (foster home)
Daisy (foster home)
Kyle (supposedly baby sitting but I have a feeling they can't keep him)

I think that might be it... LOL!!

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