Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What breed of puppy did you buy??

Ok, so I have to rant today! As you know, I save dogs and puppies from kill shelters. A lot of the times they are pure breed but some mix dogs from time to time too. The mix breed puppies I do my best to determine what breed they are and of course ask my vet. With a mix breed dog you can ask 10 people and get 10 different breeds. So, know one really knows.

My dog Penny who was clearly a mutt everyone said Rotti, Dobi, weird things I clearly didn't see in her. So, last year for Christmas I had her DNA tested. She was an Australian Shepard, German Shepard, Chow Chow, Beagle and Basset Hound mix. ???? Yea, the only think anyone had right was the Aussie.. LOL!!

So, like I said when you get in a mutt you do your best to guess at the breed. I have had people adopt a dog from me that was a mutt and take it to their vet. Their vet tells them it is something TOTALLY different then what I or my vet said. They get MAD AT ME!! MAD AT ME??? Huh? I didn't breed the dog how can you be mad at me!

Anyways, so yesterday I was at my vet office. A women was there with a T0y Fox Terrier. Pure breed the breeder from the paper told her. LOL!! OMG!!! At least the women wasn't that stupid she said she knew the breeder was wrong on the breed but she bought the puppy anyway.. ok that makes her stupid. The dog is CLEARLY some type of Doxie mix. It looks just like a Doxie but it has the markings for a Blue Healer. Really strange!

Then a family was there with two dogs. They again answered an ad in the news paper for Pug Beagle mix dogs or as people like to say Puggle. They bought 2 dogs. CLEARLY NOT Puggles. One is HUGE, brindle color with a Pit Bull face, clearly a Pit Bull face! The dog looks like it is going to be HUGE. The other one is the size of what a Pug is grown but is only a puppy. The dog clearly has Pug mixed in there somewhere but is NOT a Pug Beagle mix.

Neither people were all that mad. HUH??? You just bought a dog or dogs from some breeder and you have no idea what they are! The man with the Pit Bull and Pug mix puppies said and I am totally quoting here "The guy we bought the dogs from was an honest guy. I am sure he didn't lie to us. He had a lot of dogs so maybe he just got confused." OMG OMG OMG

PUPPY MILL!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously people are really that stupid??

And we all wonder why and how these "breeders" can stay in business. OMG!!!!!!

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