Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Picture from the Party

Hi Amy,

Here is a pic of you and the dogs having fun at the Puppy Party.
Our little girl Lilly is in the photo on the right.......she loved chasing you.
She was so scared all day at the party but when you fired up that
Vehicle she became a different dog and she had so much fun running around.
It was so nice to see Lilly all fired up and running with all the dogs.
Thanks for letting her have that experience. She must have remembered
Living with you on the farm and as soon as she heard you start the engine
She got so excited. Anyways all of our jacks really enjoyed themselves
At the puppy party. Our dog Eddie made friends with one of the horses in the barn.
Maybe someday Lilly can chase you around again..........Take Care, Laurie & Jeff Pollard

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