Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am a nervous wreck!

So, this Saturday is my annual fund raiser. I am so excited but I am a nervous wreck. I just hope everything goes off as planned.

Then of course this week I get about 6 emails / calls about emergency situations. AAAAHHH

I am getting a JRT male today.. well in about 1/2 hour. Then a Prego mom JRT tonight. However, I took in a 6 month old Doxie mix yesterday and coming with the JRT mom is a the father of the puppies... a Rat Terrier. There are two JRT's in kill shelters that I have on hold so they are safe for now. I will be getting them next Thursday.

So, I am stressed out because I have no where to put all of these dogs. I am so stressed. I already have 12 foster dogs living at my house... no 13 because of the Doxie mix puppy.

I asked a few rescues for help with the Doxie Mix puppy and the Rat Terrier but no one seems to be really offering to help. That just makes me mad because when I get emails or calls from other rescues about JRT's I am willing to help or if they get into bad spot even if I don't have room I will help. Yet, I have asked for help 1 time and I get NOTHING! UGH!! I seriously never ask for help...

Just makes me mad, stressed out and well a nervous wreck.

Why are there so many dogs? Then you have idiots like the people that I talked about in my last post buying dogs from back yard breeders who tell them it is one thing and it really is another.... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh

I will be honest sometimes I wish I could have a normal life not run by dogs but then I think they would be dead without me and I go to the pound and save more.. LOL!!

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