Monday, September 15, 2008

What is new???

Friday was a crazy day at work and I ended up getting a new boarding horse at my house but when it comes to the dogs everything was pretty normal.

I got a call late Friday night from a family that is going to adopt Camp!! YAY for Camp. He is such a good boy and this family seems really nice. They have never had a dog before but with Camp that isn't going to matter he is so good!

Saturday the adoption event was a total bust. It rained and it was horrible out and honestly I really wasn't expecting much.. school just started people are not trying to make their lives more complicated with a new dog. However, one of the volunteers did take Teka home for the night. Her family has been looking for a dog for a months. They already have a dog but just wanted to find the perfect dog / fit, which totally makes sense.

Saturday morning she called and said they were keeping Teka. Teka is such an awesome dog, can't really blame them :-)

Then on Sunday a women who turned in an application for Boots came with her two girls and adopted Boots. REALLY nice family and I think Boots is going to be really happy.

Oh and Saturday morning a husband and wife drove 4 hours from MI and adopted Zeke. Nice people.

So, this past week / weekend Franny, Zeke, Boots and Teka went home. Now Camp's potential family is supposed to email me today and I have someone coming to meet Regal.

Fingers crossed!!

Also, today I dropped off Lucy and Mickey (I got them on Thursday's transport) at the vet's office. They will be there till Friday and then go to June's to hopefully find a home. June is awesome she isn't a full fledged rescue like me but probably should be... LOL!! I am sure she will find them awesome homes. THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE.. LOL!!

So, that is the low down of what the last few days have been like.

I will let you know how things go with Regal... all paws crossed!!

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