Thursday, September 25, 2008

I cried today!

So, there are those days in rescue where you just can't take it. Today is one of those days.

A dog I saved last year can't walk b/c she had parvo SO badly (3 weeks in the hospital) that her body never grew right. She has all sorts of issues. #1 issue is she can't walk. Her parents bought her a stroller today so she can go places when they take her sister (real sister, I adopted them to the same home) for walks.

Just breaks my heart b/c she could be a normal puppy if some A-hole wouldn't have left her in a box near a dumpster in a snow storm when she was 4 weeks old. UGH! She was only 4 pounds when she was found and I got her. Her sister was only 2 #'s.


A dog I adopted out to a friend at work last August has been having runny eyes. Everyone including the vet thought it was allergies. Well emergency trip to the vet and then to a specialist he actually has some serious issues and because they were caught in time he is blind. UGH!


I got in a bunch of new dogs this week. By the time Saturday is over I should have about 15 - 16 JRT's living at my house. The crappy thing is, there are about 9 more at KILL shelters that I can't possible save because I have no where to put them.

To top it all off there were 2 JRT's in Miami County that I found out about on Monday. I thought well if I can get through this weekend and get everyone settled I will work on getting them out. I have so much going on this weekend... my friends from New Jersey are coming into town and 1 of them is in my wedding so we have to go try on her bride's maid dress. Anyways.... I thought just get through this weekend I will get them out next week.

HA! Yea right. Stupid pound! They killed them yesterday because they had kennel cough. WHATEVER!!! You are just LAZY! Two highly adoptable dogs just killed for no reason.

I am sorry I couldn't save you!


Anonymous said...

Great idea to have this blog so people who care to (including maybe some of the ones who expect us volunteers to fix THEIR problems) can see what it's like. I really like the post about the aggressive dog. Thanks for everything you are doing!

Thoughts said...

It must break your heart when you learn that you cant save one. Just think of all the ones you DO get to save.