Saturday, March 21, 2009

My personal HELL!

Yesterday (Thursday) before work I spent a good hour feeding, hugging, kissing my beautiful 9 puppies. As I prepared their food and set it on the floor for them to eat and play in.. LOL!! I did a head count. PUPPY EATING COUNT! 1,2,3,4.... 9 pooping puppies. I then took care of my other animals and got ready for work. I then left a note in my barn that said I had 3 week old puppies and to please feed them, love them, play with them. I have a horse boarding stable and my boarders love the dogs and ESPECIALLY puppies. It is nice because my dogs get a lot of attention between me, my volunteers, my family and 8 boarders and their friends and family.

During the day Anita and her son Luke who have horses at my house and Anita is a good family friend came to the barn. They were SO excited to see PUPPIES!!! They spent probably 2 hours playing and petting and feeding the puppies that afternoon. Not knowing how many there were Anita and Luke did a head count. 9 puppies HOLY COW!

After being at my house for a little while another boarder came to the barn. She is a little difficult to get a long with so Anita and Luke went in the house to talk to my mom and in the green house to talk to my Dad. This was about 3 or 3:30. By 4:30 the other boarder, her boyfriend and her friend had left. So, they went back to the barn to do spend time with their horses and say hi to the puppies again.

I came rushing home from work to give hugs and kisses to my puppies and fed them. My mom and sister were in playing with them when it was close to bed time so I asked them to put them in their house with their mom for the night. Not thinking about it I did not do another puppy head count.

I woke up this morning (Friday) and ran to the barn in my PJ's. PUPPIES!! They were all sleeping in their house, snuggling and warm. I said "BABIES" and they all woke up and started grunting like puppies do. I prepared their food and starting getting them out of their house one by one by one. As mom and the puppies were eating I did my normal PUPPY HEAD COUNT. 1,2,3,4... 8...8??? Where is 9?? OMG! I tore their house apart. NO PUPPY.

See where this is going???

Long story short I was missing a puppy. Ok, where did it go? It didn't get up and walk away. The puppies can barely support their own weight and when they "walk" they look like drunks.. LOL!! Freaking out I called Anita. Where could it have gone?

I arrived at work sick to my stomach 2 hours late. Unable to concentrate and feeling like my world was coming down around me. I had a feeling I knew where the puppy was but how do I call someone and say "I know you have my puppy, can I have it back?" I hate to accuse. What if I am wrong? What if they get scared and dump the puppy?

I called and asked the boarder's Grandma. Are X's friend trust worthy?

I kept calling home to see if anyone had stopped over, may she would return the puppy?? By 5:30 I was home and still 8 puppies. I called the police. What else was there to do?

The police showed up about 7:30 and about 10 minutes later Grandma called me back. She had found the puppy and was on the way to my house with it.

The puppy is fine. THANK GOD! But I did file charges. Apparently the "friend" of X took the puppy.. put it in her sweatshirt so Grandpa who drives X to the barn wouldn't notice and then lied to her mom and said she found the puppy on the side of their house. Luckily the puppy was taken care of for the night and the mom of the friend said she took the puppy to the vet. That was $100 charge.

So, the puppy is safe back with it's litter and mom. There is HUGE chain and lock so no one can get near the puppies without getting the key.

That was my hell for the day!


Kate said...

yikes. I guess it might be a bit awkward when the boarder comes back to check on her horse?

I'm glad you got the 9th back! I guess you should name that one Bandit or STOWAWAY!!! LOL.

~Andeelyn~ said...

OMG id freak! Im glad you pressed charges, these people are the reason we have to do what we do. I am so glad the puppy is back where she belongs and im assuming it was a she since there is 7 of them lol

Thoughts said...

Oh MY GOD you have a puppy stealer! I would not let that person near your barn EVER again. Im so glad you filed charges against her/him. Thats BIGTIME BS and its unacceptable. Good for you.