Friday, March 6, 2009

Hope update and others (2 of 2 posts)

Hope is doing GREAT GREAT GREAT! That puppy is a spit fire. OMG so freaking cute. She has both of her casts off. We took them off on Wednesday. They were rubbing her little legs and irritating her.

She is using her left leg and doing pretty good. Her right leg I don't think will ever be normal. That is the one that was the worse of the two. She walks a little side ways but that is ok gives her character.. not that she needs it.. LOL!!

She is so tiny, 7.5 pounds. But don't let her size fool you. She will put any dog in it's place. My Aussie puppy Expresso is very playful and if he tries to play with her and she doesn't want to she barks and snaps at him.. she will even chase him. So, funny.

Hope is in LOVE with Disco my 80# black lab. He lays on the floor and she crawls all over him and licks his face.

She is a little dare devil too. If you aren't careful and don't watch her like a hawk she will climb up the stairs, jump off the back porch, try to get on the couch... She is crazy. LOL!

Since it does take a bit of effort for her to stand and walk and run she has resorted to sitting and spinning in a circle when she wants to play. It is so funny.. oh geez if anything she is the only thing keeping me from not totally stressing out over what all has been going on this week.


Marshall is doing well too. His skinn is healing and he will get more medicine tomorrow. He went to get a bath yesterday so hopefully he is smelling better. Boy did he stink. LOL!!

I am hoping that by end of the month I will be able to get him neutered and shots and all the important stuff.

He is nothing but a love bug that is for sure.


Yesterday was transport today. I actually only got one dog off transport yesterday. Good huh? The other 3 I was supposed to get all got adopted. I don't know if I am going to jinx myself here but I feel like the JRT population might just be catching up with it's self. There doesn't seem too be as many... there is still a ton .... as many as there was last year.

If a breed looses popularity like the JRT's have over the last 8 years or so. Frasier went off the air and the movie the Mask is pretty old now. They say if the mass breeding stops breeding them and they aren't selling well it takes about 5 years for the population to catch up with it's self. So, maybe do you think??? Could I be that lucky??

I have heard that pet stores don't carry as many JRT puppies because they don't sell for high money any more. I have heard Puppy Mill owners (aka Millers) say that they aren't' breeding JRT's any more because they are too hard sell.

Just got to keep up the education and maybe maybe we (all rescue people... those who do rescue and those who have adopted from a rescue) are actually making a different. Do you think?

Anyways, the new guys name is Preston and he is SKINNY!!!! A bit confused but a sweet little boy. I really like him.

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So glad Hope is doing okay, she sounds like quite the pup!