Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Work has been absolutely crazy and their seems to be a million emails from people wanting to get rid of a dog or dog they found or a dog in a shelter. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

BREATH!!! In threw the nose out threw the mouth.. LOL!!

Ok, so some good news. Two of the dogs that I was supposed to get out of the shelter were adopted. :-) So, now I am only getting one. YAY!!! I also have 5 potential forever homes.. I say potential because 1 I spoke with wants Crash and Christie is calling her to talk to her to make arrangements. 1 is interested in a new girl we got two days ago Breena, he needs to talk to his wife and call me back. I really like him. 1 is interested in Jingles but is going to call me back this weekend. I sure hope she does because I think it is a good match. And I have two foter to adopt situations going down with Lola and Shelby. :-)

So, that is the good news!!

I think I might be getting a female JRT owner surrender this weekend. She isn't fixed. That always scares me.

And I might be getting in this rough coat guy.. not sure if he is JRT or a mix. Whatever he is cute.

Oh, and there is a JRT at Mercer County pound that we are going to get on Monday. The dog warden said he would give the dog till Wed. So, maybe he will get a great home this weekend but if not we will get him out Monday.

I guess that is, it for now. I am just waiting for people to get back to me on adopting and about dogs in need.

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