Sunday, March 29, 2009

Revolving Door

What a weekend!

Yesterday I went to a training seminar. I took some of my dogs, set up a little table. It was fun. The seminar was from 1 - 4 but I had to be there by 12 and I didn't actually leave till 5:45. I had a family come and meet Venus, fall in love and took her home in the morning. My entire day was with the dogs.

On my way home from the training seminar I had to drop off Minnie to her foster home and then go home, unload dogs and stuff and take care of the puppies. I didn't get done with everything and out of the shower until 7:30. I went the grocery store, went to Tyler's and made breakfast food for dinner. LOL!

Today it was basically the same kind of day. Starting at 9am with my first adoption appointment and not getting done until 4:15!! I am tired.

Someone came to see Frankie at 9am and left about 9:30am with Frankie :-)
I then feed horse and started my normal clean routine. Around 10:15ish a family came to meet and adopt Herman. They were here till about 11:00. As they were leaving the family for Cody came over and so did a family to see the puppies. While they were here visiting with their prospective new family member, another couple came over to see Molly the mom. The people to see Molly stayed a short time. They couple that was looking at Cody decided to adopt him so I did paper work with them and then the family looking at the puppies decide they wanted to adopt one so I did paper work with them.

THEN I had about 1/2 hour break to finish cleaning my barn and doing stuff in there. Then two more families came to see the puppies. They both adopted one as well. By this time it was about 1:15. Then one more family came to see the puppies as those two families were leaving.

They were here until 2:30 and decided to adopt a puppy as well. They left and then Beverly brought Cricket back over because her dog was jealous. Then Bob & Kim came over to take Millie to foster and THEN one more family came over to see the puppies.

I am tired. And you know what I got done today... NOTHING.. LOL!! I haven't showered, I haven't eaten, I haven't done anything for two days except be with dogs. I might just be turning into one.. LOL!!

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Mushers Market said...

Sounds like a busy, busy day!