Sunday, March 22, 2009


Dear Ohio Dog Friends,

Please join us in our effort to pass The Ohio Puppy Mill Bill. The bill has been re-written to please all interested parties and includes a ban on dog auctions in Ohio.

State Representative Robert Hagan and Joint Senate Sponsors Jim Hughes & Gary Cates will soon introduce the bills. The Puppy Mill Bill will address the problems you may have seen on the Oprah Show and a law suit filed by HSUS against a pet store chain due to their purchase of sick puppies from mills.

What can you do to help? Please contact your Ohio State Senator and State Representative to ask them to co-sponsor the bills. It is important they hear from the people that vote them into office.

For more information on the bill and puppy mills in Ohio, visit,

For the Dogs,
Kellie DiFrischia

PS Please share this email with all dogs enthusiasts in Ohio.
Together, we can be a voice for the dogs suffering in Ohio Puppy Mills.


thepuppyfriend said...

if only people knew 99% of all petstores sell puppy mill puppies they would stop buying them.

Dog Rescuer said...

the sad truth is I am sure 50% of people have never heard of a puppy mill and 50% of those who have heard of puppy mills don't care where their designer dog came from.